ockeydockey Adventure-This is my go to preset for all things travel and adventure! It’s made to work well with daytime lighting. I love how this preset makes all the colors warm, vibrant and happy :)

ockeydockey Blues- I created this preset to bring out the pretty shade of blues. I love the water in my photos to have a hint of turquoise 😊

ockeydockey Underwater- Desaturated and cool, yet still makes the pretty blues come to life! This preset is perfect for anything and everything underwater!

ockeydockey Greenery- This preset was made for all things green! It makes the green hues stand out while retaining the natural color.

This Adventure Pack comes with 4 different presets:

ockeydockey Adventure

ockeydockey Blues

ockeydockey Underwater

ockeydockey Greenery

I can't wait to see how you use them! Use the #ockeydockeypresets when you use them so I can see your pictures :) I'd love to share some of the pictures I find in my instagram story!

Have questions?? Check out my Preset FAQ page! :)