Analise & Sialou

Shot on a Canon 5d mark IV, Tamron 24-70 mm, SPL housing.

This video was so so fun to make! We had decided beforehand that we wanted to shoot this on the West side of Oahu in the morning to get that magical lighting. But Josh and I live on pretty much the opposite side of the island (about 1 hour and 30 minutes away). So we decided to drive all the way down to the Westside the night before and sleep in our car.

We are lucky enough to have a cool VW station wagon and a memory foam pad that we put in the back to make a bed inside our car. This made for a really great hour and a half drive down to the West Side. I slept in the back while Josh drove. Haha, whoops :)  We got to the place we planned on shooting around midnight. Next morning we woke up to Annalise and Sialou arriving to the beach. We crawled out of our car, got our camera gear ready and started shooting. The lighting and water was magical as magical as we were hoping and as we were shooting we saw Dolphins (which was so fun). We quickly ended the shoot, through on our swimsuits on, and Annalise and Sialou got to swim a bit with the dolphins. The shots in the clip above were taken right after we saw the dolphins. Overall this whole morning was magical and so so fun! :)