I never write down the memories I wanna remember but I wish I did. Today 2 years ago is definitely a day worth remembering!


Josh scored 1000 points for planning out the most cutest engagement ever. I seriously was so blown away and surprised! Apparently everyone else  knew it was going to happen BUT ME haha (josh had told my family and many of my friends he was going to propose in while we were In New Zealand) But I had no clue he even had a ring haha! We had talked about marriage a lot but we never went ring shopping. I always thought that was kinda weird when couples did that although I don't judge if you did haha. But he just wanted me to be completely surprised so he just got help from my friends and his sisters:)


We had planned out to do a super saturday that day down in Raglan on the north island. This meant some romantic beach horse rides, fun longboard waves and yummy food! When we woke up it was so sunny and beautiful out, I told josh I had a feeling today was gonna be a goooood day ;) haha. I really just felt extra stoked and happy when we woke up for some reason! I was high on life that whole trip tho haha. So in the morning we all went riding with our friendsEthan's horses that he brought from Temple View down to Raglan.


Then we went and ate fish and chips with the yummiest gelato ever!! Josh and I went surfing with some friends while some of our other friends while Ethan and Annelise went riding on the beach again. When we got out of the water Analise asked me and josh if we wanted a turn with the horses. 

engageversery (1 of 7).jpg



 Tarryn and Analise gave me some of their clothes so I wouldn't "chafe"(I only had my suit with me so I think they just thought I might want to have some clothes on when I got engaged for the pictures such sweet friends haha ;)) I just assumed we were going to go along the beach but then josh started going up the mountain! At that point I was confused but then it quickly passed because I thought josh might like the challange of taking the horse up hill haha. At that point analise, ethan and Tarryn ran back to the beach and wrote "Marry Me" in the sand. Josh took me to the spot secluded in the mountain with a gorgeous view of where we surfed. In that moment I became suspicious only because josh seemed a little nervous ;) haha. He told me how he loved me and wanted to be with me forever and then  he popped the question! I was so happy and shocked I couldn't even breathe! I wish I could relive that day over and over again <3 I would say yes over and over a million times yes! I could have never dreamed how much our friendship and love would grow even so much more better than that day:)