If this is your first time, you will need to create a username and password. Hint: Use the same username and password you made when becoming a member. Then, go to your email and confirm your login to the Club Hangout. After that, you can log into the Club Hangout and start joining in on the discussions. 

Below is a 7 Day Welcome Video Series to help you start getting involved with the club. You can watch one video a day for a week or watch a couple videos a day if you have more time:) Going through these videos and doing the simple tasks will help you start moving towards your goals and help us know the best way to help you!


- Be nice

- No profanity please

- Have a good time!


The Creative Club - 7 Day Welcome Video Series

Day 1 - Profile picture and introduction 


Day 2 - Watch tutorial video and leave comment


Day 3 - Start a new thread in the Club Hangout


Day 4 - Leave a tutorial video suggestion


Day 5 - Share something you've learned


Day 6 - Put the next "Group Hangout" on your calendar


Day 7 - 3 month plan and 3 likes