Why join the club?

Why not? You know you've always wanted to learn more about videography and if you feel you aren't getting anything out of it you can cancel at any time. If you don't invest in yourself then you could be kicking yourself years down the line. On the other hand, you could join now, make some great friends, and start forcing yourself to make your dreams happen. It's up to you. Plus, I really want you to join because it's going to be a good time:)

Note: You get to keep the price you come in at as long as you are an active member! As we build out more courses the price will go up for everyone else. So, get in now while The Club is at the lowest entree fee price it'll ever be at!

2 Steps to Checkout

1) Choose a membership options and fill out your information. You will then be taken back to this screen again. 2) Go back to the membership option you chose. Click it again and enter your card information using either PayPal or Stripe. Once your card information has been submitted you will have access to the club information. 


- What if I'm having trouble registering?

- Just email us at RiboldiVentures@gmail.com and we'll help you out! 


- What if I want to cancel? 

- No problem! Just email us at RiboldiVentures@gmail.com and let us know that you need to cancel:)


- What if I feel like I didn't get anything from The Creative Club and want my money back?

- No problem! Just let us know how you feel within the first 2 weeks and we'll reimburse you!


- What will I be learning?

- We have easy step by step instruction videos on videography. Depending on what people want to know, we will make additional videos. Short answer: videography stuff. Long answer: anything and everything The Creative Club wants to learn about videography stuff. 


- What if I am using different equipment than you?

- The concepts are usually the same but we want this to be a place where like minded people can come together and help each other. If we don't know how to do something on your equipment then we will ask others and work together to figure things out. 


- What equipment/programs do we use?

- Most of our video projects will be shot on the Canon 5D mark IV and edited on Final Cut Pro. But we have experience with other programs and equipment as well. 


- What if I'm a super beginner?

- Perfect! We want to know what you need help with and get you up to speed. 


- What if I'm super advanced?

- Awesome! Hopefully we can learn from each other and build a support network to help us progress. 


- What if I don't really want to share stuff about me but I want to learn?

- We totally understand. If you want to join and just be a fly on the wall that's totally fine. You're probably a lot like me:)