Ockeydockey Presets

My @ockeydockey presets are Finally here! I have put so much love into making these presets magical! Be sure to watch my youtube videos and FAQ so you know how to import and use them :) I can't wait to see how you use my #ockeydockeypresets! Use the hashtag #ockeydockeypresets! I'd love to share your creations in my Instagram Stories:)

* No refunds, returns, or trades. I know it seems harsh but once you make the purchase you will have access to the preset files. Please make sure they are what you want before you purchase them:)

The Everything Pack comes with all  of my Preset collections!

  • The Adventure Pack (Adobe Lightroom for desktop)

  • The Professional Pack (Adobe Lightroom for desktop)

  • Lifestyle Preset (Adobe Lightroom for desktop)

  • Mobile Pack (for the Adobe Lightroom app on your phone!)

For Only $85.00! (This is a savings of $50)

The Adventure Pack comes with 4 unique presets for Adobe Lightroom (for desktop computers). 

  • ockeydockey Adventure Preset

  • ockeydockey Greenery Preset

  • ockeydockey Blues Preset

  • ockeydockey Underwater Preset

For Only $50.00!

The Professional Pack comes with 3 unique presets for Adobe Lightroom (for desktop computers). 

  • ockeydockey Portrait Preset

  • ockeydockey Couples Preset

  • ockeydockey Golden Hour Preset

For Only $40.00!

The Mobile Pack comes with 2 mobile presets (for Lightroom CC on your phone). 

  • ockeydockey Lifestyle Mobile Preset

  • ockeydockey Blues Mobile Preset

For Only $20.00!

The Lifestyle Pack comes with 1 unique and versitile preset for Adobe Lightroom (for desktop computers). 

  • ockeydockey Lifestyle Preset

For Only $25.00!

What Are People Saying About the "ockeydockey Presets" ?


I love these presets so much!! I’m going on a bunch of different vacations this summer and every single preset will make each one seem like a dream:) Love all the soft tones and bright colors you used! Thank you for all the hard work put into these and thank you so much for making my pics (& summer) a thousand times better!! ‘ -Ava Thompson 


I don’t use presets often but I have LOVED Lauren’s presets for awhile now & was so excited when she announced she was going to start sharing them with the world!! The tones & effects are soo GOOD & you can tell she put a ton of work into making these the best she could! Definitely recommend!! 💛’ -Laura Brunken 


I just got the Lifestyle preset and it is amazing!!! SOO easy to connect to my Lightroom account and so easy to use! I love it so much!’ -Megan Franco

'Lauren’s new presets are amazing!!! Her Instagram pictures are beautiful and I’ve been wanting to buy her presets ever since I followed her! The mobile preset package is extremely easy to set up and the pictures come out so professional looking. I am so excited to try all of the different presets using my laptop soon, as I know those will be even better! :) If you are thinking about getting any of her presets, I highly highly recommend doing so! They will definitely take your photography to the next level.' -Hannah Bostdorff

‘Your presets are absolutely amazing! They are so easy to work with and make all of my photos the exact style I am looking for. Love the vibe!

Thank you for the tutorial videos they are super helpful! Also your stories showing how you use your cannon are great as I am starting learn how to use my cannon!’
-Savannah Jones

‘I just wanted to let you know how in love with these presets. I have been wanting to get them for so long and finally just went for it. Out of all those presets out there, yours has always appealed to me the most. I feel like our lifestyles are similar, and I love the ocean so they fit perfectly with my photos. I just downloaded it and I'm already using it on a bunch of shots I have from Florida swimming with sharks, exploring the greenery, and cute little shots of my boyfriend and I. THANK YOU! I am so excited to share some images I edit.’ - Miranda Richardson