Body & Lenses


When you are first getting started with videography it can be overwhelming. What camera body should I get? Which lenses should I get? Should I spend more on the body or the lenses if I’m working with a budget? In this video I hope to help clear up some of those tough questions.


  • I would choose to invest more in lenses than in the camera body. In my experience, the lenses make more of a difference in the quality of your images and video.

  • I first invested in the Canon 50mm 1.8 and then the Tamron 24-70 2.8. I love the 50mm for portraits and the 24-70 allows me to zoom and get a wide angle shot.

  • It’s don’t feel it’s necessary to get high quality glass lenses right away. Some people really love these type of lenses but I’ve had great success with the Tamron 24-70 and 50mm.

  • It’s important to figure out if you have a crop sensor or full frame camera. Crop sensor cameras (like the Canon rebels, Canon 7D, Canon 80D) are going to have more of a zoomed image than the full frame cameras. For example, if you have a crop sensor camera and are trying to get a shot similar to a 50mm lens you would need to get a 35mm lens and the shot would look like a 50mm shot on your crop sensor camera. You’d also want to get a 17-55mm lens if you are trying to get the 24-70mm lens look on your crop sensor camera.

  • Remember, most of the really high quality camera bodies are full frame. Keep this in mind when investing in your lenses. If you think you’ll eventually be getting a full frame camera you’ll want to get lenses that you’ll still love once you make the switch. I was shooting with my 50mm and Tamron 24-70mm lenses on my Canon Rebel because I knew I was eventually going to get a full frame camera and would love these lenses on the full frame camera as well.