How I tell a story with video


How do you tell a story?

Some tips:

  • NO RULES. There is no set way or formula you have to follow to put together a story so have fun being creative. 
  • MUSIC. If you can, choose the music before you start shooting. This helps me visualize the shots I want to get and helps me be creative during the filming process. 
  • THE MOOD. Decide what mood you want the shoot to have. If you want a cool/serious video your shots are going to be a lot different than a happy/funny video. 
  • VARIETY. Get a variety of shots. Some of my favorite shots are: wide view of couple or group, detail shots of couple or group, big picture view of scenery, detail shots of scenery, and people laughing shots.  
  • PLANNING. Some people like to write out a storyboard of what is going to happen. I like to go into the shoot with the general feeling I want the video to have and then look for candid moments to catch those feelings. 
  • THE ENDING. Planning the ending of the video. It's nice to have a good ending shot. Some ideas for good ending shots are: sunsets, people waving goodbye, someone saying something funny, or maybe something abrupt (like a hand going towards the camera or someone jumping into water).